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Friday Night Alibi

Friday Night Alibi - Cassie Mae Kelli Pickens lives in the super rich town of Sundale and is seemingly the perfect girl. So perfect that she runs her own Alibi service where she provides alibis to the trust fund kids in the town that want to be doing things their parents don’t approve of at all. Kelli is very organized and has alibis color coded and priced out for the various reasons people hire her.She chooses to have no life of her own outside of her room on the weekends because doesn’t want to blow the alibis for her clients. Kelli’s life is video games solely during that time with one particular gaming partner she likes the most.Kelli decides to take a risk one night and go out even when she should be staying at home, being a client’s alibi and from there hilarity ensues. She meets Chase, ends up trading barbs and finds herself falling for him.This is a cute read from start to finish. Very light hearted and fun.This was labeled as New Adult but it didn’t seem to fit in this genre very well. It was a very light romance and very family friendly – and would be fine for younger readers as well. It could easily fit into the YA genre. The NA books I’ve read have had a lot more angst and heartbreak.I received this ARC from Netgalley in return for an honest review.