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Her Favorite Rival (Harlequin Superromance) - Sarah Mayberry Audrey was featured briefly in the novella "Her Favorite Temptation" as Leah's sister who was greatly ignored by her family. Audrey is the main character in this full length novel. She is highly driven and has worked hard for everything she has. Which is why Zach, a co-worker irritates her to no end. He drives a fancy car, wears expensive suits and appears to have things handed to easily.To her horror Audrey and Zach are assigned to work together on an important assignment. She quickly learns that her first impressions were way off - Zach has worked just has hard and had to move past his own family issues.They start to work together closely and find that they have more in common than they once thought. When they realize how much they both like each other Audrey has to figure out if this is something she wants to pursue and how exactly this will affect her future at their workplace.This is by far the best contemporary romance I've read in a while. My favorite aspect of this book is how incredibly realistic and relate able these characters are. I felt like I knew Audrey and she could easily be a good friend of mine. Zach was the same - both were hard working and just trying to deal with their family issues the best they could. It's rare to find a romance novel that doesn't have a paranormal feature to it, or some incredible angst the characters can't get past. Don't get me wrong- those are some of my favorite romances but this one was able to bring humor, amazing characters and great dialogue without having to delve into the unbelievable. I think this is my favorite of Sarah Mayberry's book so far and I can't wait to read pretty much anything else she publishes.