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Noble Cause - Jessica James I received this ARC of Noble Cause from Netgalley in return for an honest review.I understand that Noble Cause is a re release of a book called Shades of Gray with a happier ending. I didn't read the original book so I went into this one knowing nothing about the other,I really loved the historical fiction and romance part of this book combined together. Both are genres I enjoy and I felt this author did a great job of giving us a good balance of them. Noble Cause is set during the Civil War and highlights many different aspects of grief during that time – from the familial bonds that were strained to friendships and lovers that were torn apart. I liked the Civil War as the setting of this book, I felt that there were enough facts to make the setting feel real and to come alive and make me feel as if I were there.The relationship between Alex and Andrea pulls you in from the beginning and doesn't let you go. The romance feels realistic and very vivid. I was rooting for them to succeed and beat the odds that were stacked against them.I know this book was re-done to have a happy ending and that’s the only part that felt a little too much to me. I can’t imagine a whole lot of happy endings happening during this time period so on one hand I was happy to see it happening but on the other I wasn't sure if I believed it. Either way, overall the book was very good.