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Voyager - Diana Gabaldon I love this series but this book was...random, to say the least.Here is my breakdown of stars :narration : 5 stars as alwayscharacters : 4.5 starsfirst half of the book : 4 stars50-75% of the book : 2 stars75-100%: 3 starsI loved almost everything about the first half, I enjoyed hearing both Jamie and Claire's stories until they meet again. I enjoyed the new characters and seeing the old. around halfway through though I got bored. Bored enough to tune out until I was interested again. Almost the whole time at sea bored the crap out of me.I tuned back in only to hear random voodoo and pedophilia...just odd.The redeeming part of this book was the love between the main characters. Although Jamie keeping bits of the truth from Claire gets old as a plot device after the third time or so. I enjoyed it enough to continue with the series and look forward to more.Oh and what was with every other person missing some limb? I found that slightly odd but maybe that's just me.