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Kiss the Bride - Jody Wallace Kiss the Bride is the rare romance novel that is told mainly from a man’s point of view. Which is a fresh change of pace to read in this genre.Herman Heckley aka Heck is the “man of honor” in his best friend’s wedding. They’ve been best friends for 34 years but can’t really figure out why Caroline is marrying this guy. Heck considers the groom a complete jerk with no real redeeming qualities. The POV switches to Caroline and we realize that she’s been in love with Heck for most of her life but is sick of waiting for him to realize this.The closer the ceremony gets the closer they both have to get to their actual feelings. There has to be some kind of resolution that doesn’t involve ending their life long friendship.This was a short book, more like a long novella almost. It was a quick read and I enjoyed seeing not only a romance book from a male’s POV but also wedding preparation from that POV too. As the man of honor it was endearing to see while Heck didn’t want to see Caroline marrying this guy he did want her to have a great wedding experience. I found Heck and Caroline adorable and the rest of the bridesmaids were enjoyable injections of humor. This was a nice and light quick read.