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Stay With Me

Stay with Me - Elyssa Patrick I really, really enjoyed this book! I love this cover so much, it drew me in from the first time I saw it. When I read the blurb the cover seemed to fit really well too which I love. So I was super excited to get to read and review an ARC of it.Haley's been famous just about as long as she can remember and she chooses to go to college to escape that kind of life she doesn't really want. She meets Caleb pretty quickly at a party but is wary of him, and pretty much everyone as she's been burned in the past.Caleb comes with a tight group of friends and a close family - none of which Haley has ever experienced before. His sister Daphne becomes her best friend pretty quickly and she becomes friends with Caleb's friends as well.I loved a lot about this book. I really enjoyed that all of the experiences seemed like they could happen - it's not that hard to imagine a young star who has had to deal with paparazzi and just wants to get away. While I loved Haley, I really loved Caleb's group of friends because they seem so real. Their joking around and making fun of each other yet being super close reminded me of my brother and his group of college friends. Haley and Caleb's romance also felt realistic- I liked how their romance played out and didn't feel too rushed. The pacing of the book is good with a few twists and turns thrown in there that I liked the character's reactions too. I loved seeing Haley grow and become her own person with the support of a really good guy.Caleb's friends and Daphne were also really great characters. This is a stand alone book as the next books will be about other characters and I love these kinds of series that build on top of each book. Now I want to know who the next book will be about! This is solidly in the New Adult genre, which I happen to love and it's super well done.4.5 stars.I received this ARC in return for an honest review.