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Countdown - Michelle Rowen Kira and Rogan wake up in total darkness, not having a clue where they are and find themselves shackled in a room. They both have relatively dark pasts and are unsure what's going on. Slowly Rogan realizes they might be in a new underground "game" called Countdown. This is a highly exclusive game that is only broadcast to subscribers. This is a game with high stakes- literally life and death.Rogan and Kira have to maneuver through this game and try to stay alive while also trying to figure out if they can trust each other or not. The makers of the game who pull the strings try everything they can to make sure that the trust between the two never develops.This was a fast paced, interesting dystopian novel. The dystopia part was not explained in depth but that actually didn't bother me at all, it was kind of a relief to get into the action part without a long, drawn out explanation. The game itself was intriguing and when it was combined with the manipulation of the game makers it made the book very suspenseful. I found myself wondering what was going to happen next in and out of the game.Out of the game I enjoyed Rogan and Kira's interactions. Kira was hesitant to trust Rogan, but with good reason. I found the ending satisfying and wasn't left wanting more - the book was just the right amount.