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The Spymistress - Jennifer Chiaverini I enjoyed this historical book about the Civil War. When the War breaks out Lizzie Van Lew and her mother Eliza are Northern sympathizers and are shocked at the way their fellow Confederates are acting. She doesn't agree with the War and doesn't want to help the South in any way.Lizzie chooses to reach out to the Northern prisoners of war in the local prison. She meets with a lot of resistance but is able to get in and from there she realizes this is how she will help with the war efforts. Although it's very dangerous for her to keep going to the jail, she insists on pushing on with it.Lizzie tries to be as careful as possible and balances her prison efforts with entertaining of the South officers and even opening her home to them when a few need a temporary place to stay.She begins to help with passing notes along to the North and to help the underground movement during the war.I found this novel to be a good representation of life during the Civil War. I felt that the danger Lizzie found herself in to be suspenseful and true.I enjoyed reading about the sacrifices people made for what thy believed in.I received this ARC from Netgalley in return for an honest review