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Making It Last - Ruthie Knox I received this ARC from Netgalley, for an honest review.I am a big fan of Ruthie Knox and have read the rest of the books in the Camelot series and was looking forward to this novella which returned to Tony and Amber 14 years after we first met them.Amber seems to be unhappy lately with her life in general and Tony seems to be oblivious to her feelings, or at least oblivious as to how to help her.They surprisingly end up on a beach vacation alone, without their children and try to reconnect. I liked how this showed the "real" side of marriage. The actual work that goes into making one last beyond the honeymoon. Tony hasn't been a bad husband, merely a busy, typical one. Busy with work and trying to make money and busy with life. Over the course of the vacation he realizes that he's actually close to losing Amber if he doesn't put in some effort to his marriage again.Amber has to decide if she wants to work on things and if Tony really means that he will put in the effort.I love the romance and reality that the author brings to marriage. It was nice to see a married couple being featured for once.